Corny Pick up Lines

Trying to flirt someone? Learn these Corny pick up lines to attract them towards you and hit them hard with these lines from our website. You’ll never lose the opportunity again, if you’re backed up with these funny corny pick-up lines. Try some dirty chat up lines and also here are some more for you:

corny pick up lines

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I’m not really good at talking to women, can you continue talking to me so I can get better?

Oh you like to breathe and eat too? We have so much in common.

If you don’t have any butterflies in your stomach right now it’s because they’re caterpillars. You’ll start feeling them eventually.

Yeah I know my hands are kind of rough. I guess they’re made of husband material.

I was just at a psychic reading and they told me that you’d be falling in love with me today.

I’m not looking at your chest, I’m trying to see what you look like on the inside.

Can you step back and away from the icebox? You’re melting it all with how hot you are.

I wish there was a surgery to switch people’s eyes so you can see how much I like you.

You’re like the beautiful treasure at the end of a rainbow, but the only difference is that you’re real.

You can fall in the park, you can fall in the streets, but walk by me and you’ll be falling for me.

Slap me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you want to sleep with me tonight.

You look good but you’re still just a nine. I guess I’m the one that you need huh?

I’m just taking my dog on a walk in hopes that we both get some tail tonight.

My feelings for you run just like the energizer bunny, it just endlessly goes on and on.

People tell me that I remind them of chocolate pudding. Always bad looking but always sweet on the inside.

My doctor told me not to let my heart rate go past a certain amount. I think it shot past that point when I saw you.

I know what I taste like when I eat pineapple but what about when I take a bite out of you, Fineapple.

You look so fine, can I come over and stare at your body all day?

I usually don’t eat spicy food but you’re just too caliente.

It feels like I’m in wonderland and I’m going mad from how you look. Don’t tell me you’re Alice, because you look way better.

You’re so pretty you need to be cloned for so everyone can get a bit of you.

You like popcorn? Good, because I was hoping we’d go to the movies after this corny line.

We should make like a bad check on my bed tonight and start bouncing.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Stirred or eaten?

If I like you, he law of science says that you must like me too.