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Some Popular & Best Used Cute Pick up lines to impress your love

  • You’re too hot. You should chill with me.
  • I don’t know if you’re in my range, but I’d sure like to take you back to my domain.
  • Even If there wasn’t gravity on earth, I would still fall for you.
  • and much more…
I don’t memorize anybody’s phone number but I’ll remember yours if you give it to me right now.

Your lips look so sweet. Is that why they made a candy about them?

I thought I was seeing the world in color until I saw you. You cleared my sight and are the most vibrant thing ever.

Can you show me the bakery that made such a cutie pie like yourself?

Can you take me to the dentist? I have a toothache from you being so sweet to me all the time.

Can I use your phone for a moment? I need to call and tell my friend I found my next girlfriend.

Can I have a kiss on the cheek so I can finally say that I’ve been kissed by a girl.

I know I wanted to run into the most beautiful woman in the world but I didn’t know it was my birthday already.

Hey I need you to help me out real quick. I think my cat ran off to a hotel room, we need to check it out.

I know what’ll make you feel better after a break up. Ice cream and the movies!

If we start losing our memories and only get to keep one, it’d be when I fell in love with you.

Your eyes are like a time machine. Every time I look into them I left like the hours turn into minutes.

You missed out on being my first love, but I was wondering if you wanted to be my last one?

I’m a gambler and I’m about to lose all of my money if I can’t get a date with you. Want to help me out?

If you were a soccer ball I would never kick you because then I’d miss you.

I was feeling kind of off today but I just got turned on watching you.

I don’t mind that you’re a curvy woman, you’re putting a curve on my smile right now.

Are you in any kind of religion? Because I’ve been praying find someone like you.

They say that you’re good at problem solving. How do I make my way to your heart?

Can you hold my hand? I want to be able to tell everyone that I was with an angel.

I heard from the grapevine that you’re the finest wine.

You don’t need google or Siri when I’m the one you’re looking for.

Don’t wake me up from this dream. I want to get to know you more.

Blazikens are red, and articunos are blue. If you turned into a Pokémon then I would choose you.

You’re not Russian are you? Because my heartbeat definitely is.