Halloween Pick up Lines

Lets celebrate Halloween with some great costume and try these halloween pick up lines on girls. Some are cheesy, funny & dirty too. We hope you enjoy these cute and sweet pickup lines to use on girls for guys.

Halloween pick up lines

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I wonder how many licks it takes to taste your bubblegum juice.

You don’t need a costume or any clothes for that matter, just come over and we’ll be screaming all night.

Is that a candy cane in your pocket or am I just turning you on right now?

All of these pumpkins and none of them as spicy as you are.

I know that that’s not a real nurse costume but could you come here and treat this fake disease?

Every woman that I have been with tell me that I’m the best fun size out there.

You don’t have to walk around the neighborhood for candy when you can come over for a full sized bar.

As a pirate captain it’s my duty to bury my treasure in the place that I deem worthy.

I heard that witches like to ride broomsticks. Want to see if mine is the right size?

I know you love Halloween but you don’t have to be a goddess everyday you know.

I have a jawbreaker in my pants if you want to try it.

Do you want to taste my pop rocks in your mouth while I eat your kit kat?

People are made with hundreds of bones in their body. I think you just gave me another one.

Can I carve you out and put my candle inside you?

You make my jeans a grave because the undead are popping up.

I have a haunted house all to myself tonight if you’re interested.

Don’t be embarrassed that you have butterflies in your stomach, I have maggots bugs and roaches in mine.

I think I’m turning into a zombie because I’m getting this strong urge to eat you out.

Do you or your friends want to come over to my house and see what transforms at twelve?

I know you’re not going to be a clown but you’re IT.

Want to go see a scary movie? I like to be held when I get scared.

Me meeting someone as pretty as you is definitely a treat and too good to be true. How’re you planning on tricking me?

I don’t need any of this candy because you’re sweet enough for me.

I just found out what I’m going to be for Halloween. Yours.

That’s a scary nice vampire costume. You can bite and suck me anytime.