Nerdy & Chemistry Pick up Lines with Science

Are you a geek? Use these nerdy pick up lines on girls and try some more chemistry pick up lines for girls. Send science, biology & physics related chat up lines to use on boys. Some are more funny & cheesy to use on girls. Take a glace and enjoy.

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chemistry pick up lines

Chemistry Pick up Lines

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You must have been near some radiation or something because you’re putting off a magnetic pull.

I can show you the world, sun, stars, and planets… all with my telescope.

Do you have a helicase for DNA? Because i would like to unzip you right now.

Have you been working with lasers? Because i am stunned right now.

When you drop your clothes on my floor after dinner they’ll drop at a 9.8 mile per hour rate.

Do you want to test out the mechanics of my bed tonight?

You’re like a rare fossil, you’re amazing and I feel like I’ve found the best thing in the world.

Hey are you missing a proton because you can have mine.

Everyone talks about the chemistry between each other.. do you want to try biology and make life instead?

I bet our family would be a big galvanic cell with all of this electricity between you and I.

You’re the nucleus in my world because I’m always revolved around you.

If we were examining rocks next to a volcano on a sunny day, you would still be the hottest thing next to me.

I like how cells react when they’re being penetrated. Want to see how it works?

Can you come over and help me out? I think my calcium bicarbonate needs a catalyst reaction.

We should make an elemental ionic atom melder so we can be one.

I heard you have your own lab. That’s impressive, are you looking for a partner?

You’re happy and I’m sad, we should get together because opposites attract.

They say fluorine is bad for you but I just can’t stay away baby.

You’re an atom, and I don’t want you to leave because you’re the bomb.

Do you want to bring your gloves and lab coat over and inspect my body?

Want to come to my house tonight and swap some h2o?

You have too much sodium in you, I’ll fix that for you.

We’re meant to be because you make my face chemically turn red whenever you’re near me.

I think I’ve just discovered something out of this world and I want to keep you my secret.

Are you wet? Because my stirring rod is just about ready.