You’re so perfect and easy to handle they must have made Barbie after you.

I have a bad allergy reaction whenever I’m near a cat. But girl I’m so close to getting some of your pussy and I’m still here feeling fine.

You deserve a crown on your head and a diamond necklace because you are such a good looking queen. We should go to the jewelery store and get you all of that and a diamond ring to match it and show people that you’re mine.

Do you know why they ring bells when it hits twelve o clock at midnight? It’s because someone is going to be married, and I heard that we make a great couple.

Did you see the girl who tripped on the stairs outside? Yeah she was totally into me but I told her I liked you.

Excuse me but someone has just struck my heart with an arrow. I can’t help but ask you out, and don’t be heartless and put another one in it.

Do you like people who can juggle multiple things at the same time? Because girl I can do you, your friend, and your mom at the same time.

There was a huge snow blanket that hit the town late last night. Do you want to go outside and build things like snowmen and snow houses? You can be the momma and I can be your daddy.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side I heard. I guess it’s a lot more dirty because clearly they don’t have a fresh hot momma like you over there.

Rose are blue and violets are red, those two are opposite and we attract each other instead.

There are so many different foods out there to try and eat. You look like a woman who loves to drink cheese, you want a taste of some of mine?

You don’t have to do your make up, I can do it for you. It’ll save you a lot of time and I love having around girls who look like clowns anyways. I have a fetish for them.

If you were a mop I would use you to clean my dirty floors all night long and dip you in my dirty water afterwards.

I’m a professional camp counselor. I have a whole lot ignoring experience with kids and know what to do in any situation. Wouldn’t you want to sleep with me instead of some rich snob?

Can you come and sleep with me tonight? I don’t know how to cook anything and would love it if you came and made me breakfast in bed.

We need to take you to a top health research facility immediately. I think we can cure all of the cancer in the world if they can figure out why you’re so good looking.

They say the ugliest animals are hippos and elephants because they’re big and fat. Well I think they look fine and so do you.

What’s the difference between you, a puppy dog, and a small newborn kitten? They may be cute but girl you are cuter then both of them.

Can you come with me to the roller rink? I need someone to hold my hand while I practice balancing myself and you girl are the only one I want to hold hands with.

Have you ever heard of the video game the sims? There’s a mini dancing game inside of it and I have a strong hunch that they got those booming moves from you.

Hey there, do you know where I can find the nearest puppy store? I want to buy you one and take you out with me because you are just so magnetic.

This Christmas reminds me of you. Everyone is more happy and helping each other out, the kids are happy, and there’s an angel at the top of it all and it’s you.

The water cooler broke when we were on our way to the beach today. It’s okay though, because none of those drinks would have worked anyways with someone as hot as you around them.

If we were in a magical land like Star Wars it would be so cool. We could have light saber fights, cool robots and flying motorcycles, and a ton of new romantic things to do together.

Excuse me but do you have any diapers on you? I have a feeling that we’re going to need them after I’m done with you tonight.